Meet your KTA Membership Coaches

Ashley, Wendy, and Krystal came together two years ago to put on a Virtual Travel Career Summit for travel advisors. Their common mission was simple - to provide actionable education so that travel advisors could learn to thrive in their business. They bring that same mission, drive, and commitment to growth and improvement to KTA. 

Meet Ashley

Our Business Operations Specialist, Ashley, has made it her mission to streamline the client care process and make your business run as efficiently as possible. 

Meet Krystal

Our Marketing Specialist, Krystal, has made it her mission to dive deep into marketing strategy so you can bring your ideal client and ideal business into alignment

Meet Wendy

Our Life Coach and Mindset Guru, Wendy, has made it her mission to encourage others to live into their best lives by owning their stories and overcoming their worst enemies: themselves

Ashley Metesh-McCoy

Founder/Owner Kinship Vacations & Travel Prolific.

Ashley Metesh -McCoy is the founder of Kinship Vacations, an independent host agency that helps train and mentor new agents in the industry. She is the also the creator of an independent education program for travel advisors that led her to win the 2019 ASTA Entrepreneur of the Year. In 2019 she also founded Travel Prolific, a planner designed exclusively for fellow travel entrepreneurs. 

Ashley has been coaching fellow agents for several years now, sharing her expertise in business operations, streamlining successful client care systems, and financial tracking tools. 

She is a former military brat, former US Army Veteran, and currently the proud spouse of a military officer. She founded Kinship Vacations on the premise that a career in travel can be a fun and fulfilling career path for many, including fellow military spouses. 

Ashley Metesh-McCoy, Founder of Kinship Vacations and Travel Pro Theory, 2019 ASTA Entrepreneur of the Year
Wendy Livingston-Guth, Travel pro, travel business coach and life coach

Wendy Livingston-Guth

Owner/Founder Rebel on the Go, Licensed Coach

After a transformational travel experience of her own, Wendy founded Rebel On The Go Travel with a mission to create radical, transformational travel experiences for other kick-ass women.

From there her scope and mission only grew. Wendy combines coaching into her travel business to encourage women in all aspects of their lives that they are capable & courageous, and helps them step out of their comfort zone to learn to write their own stories. Now she helps travel advisors experience the same. 

Krystal Eicher

Owner/Founder Serendipitous Traveler, Marketing Strategist Kinship Vacations

Krystal is the self appointed Girlfriend Getaway Guru. Her business, Serendipitous Traveler focuses on girlfriend getaways. 

Krystal learned early in her travel career of the importance of niching far down and focusing on your ideal client. Using her background in marketing from previous careers, she mentors other travel advisors and encourages them to focus not on the style of travel, but on the traveler themselves. 

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