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Build Leads for your Travel Business in Your Sleep

marketing Feb 04, 2021

Chances are you got into the travel planning business, because you like the creative process of designing an itinerary, or you like to help people get away and enjoy vacation, or a myriad of other reasons. It's quite possible that #allthethings that go into getting clients (i.e. marketing, list-building) was not first on your list of “why’s” for starting a travel agency. If marketing is your core competency / “zone of genius” then you may have pursued a different career path altogether. 


Lets not deny it ends up being super important to your travel business, if not 80% of your work!


For this reason, we want to help you get leads in your sleep so you can focus your time on the parts of your business you love most, i.e. itinerary design / client work. Like everything that allows you to “work while you sleep”, it’ll take a bit of upfront work but it’ll be well worth it in the long run.


What are some things you can do to build leads in your travel business while you sleep?


  • Create an irresistible free offer (IFO)/ lead magnet/ opt-in 
    • Share that IFO in as many places as possible (website, blog articles, social media, etc.)
    • Establish a series of follow-up emails that are sent to anyone that opt-ins in to your IFO to build rapport
  • After you’ve created regular / consistent and original content (i.e. blogs, podcasts, vlogs) that lead back to your email list (we admit, this part cannot be done in your sleep), repurpose that content into social media posts
    • Create ads out of the social media posts
  • Systemize / simplify your emails newsletter process by creating a reusable format and plan out / create a majority of your content months in advance


*Don’t forget...all these efforts need to be directed towards your ideal client and your ideal client only - otherwise, they’ll get lost in the noise.* 


For now, we’ll leave it at that, because that is a lot to implement if you have not yet. 


Tell us what you need help with and we’ll point you in the right direction towards helpful resources.

Ashley Metesh-McCoy is a co-founder of KTA Membership and the founder of Kinship Vacations, an independent host agency that helps train and mentor new agents in the industry. She is the also the creator of an independent education program for travel advisors that led her to win the 2019 ASTA Entrepreneur of the Year.  Ashley has been coaching fellow agents for several years now, sharing her expertise in business operations, streamlining successful client care systems, and financial tracking tools.  She lives in Carmel, CA w/ her hunky Army husband that she met while in service in Afghanistan, her two precoscious daughters, and a pack of fur babies. 

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