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Ideal Client Specialization

Uncategorized Feb 26, 2021

When it comes to niching and specialization, many are quick to claim “I’m a cruise specialist! I’m a luxury specialist!”

Well what the heck does that even mean?


In this episode, Ashley, Wendy, and Krystal argue that you should specialize in an ideal client and lean into your ICA’s problems, pain points, and what you solve for them as a specialization. It’s time to get away from the generic specialities and go narrow and deep in your marketing plan.


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Ashley, Krystal, and Wendy are the founders of Kinship Travel Academy and hosts of Travel Biz CEO. What started as a little bit of fun to help educate fellow colleagues in the travel industry, quickly morphed into a passion. Through their educaiton community of Kinship Travel Academy, Ashley, Krystal, and Wendy encourage entrepreneurs to embrace the role of CEO in their business by learning to balance their marketing, business systems, and mindset. You can learn more about them and their program here

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