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Build Leads for your Travel Business in Your Sleep

marketing Feb 04, 2021

Chances are you got into the travel planning business, because you like the creative process of designing an itinerary, or you like to help people get away and enjoy vacation, or a myriad of other reasons. It's quite possible that #allthethings that go into getting clients (i.e. marketing, list-building) was not first on your list of “why’s” for starting a travel agency. If marketing is your core competency / “zone of genius” then you may have pursued a different career path altogether. 


Lets not deny it ends up being super important to your travel business, if not 80% of your work!


For this reason, we want to help you get leads in your sleep so you can focus your time on the parts of your business you love most, i.e. itinerary design / client work. Like everything that allows you to “work while you sleep”, it’ll take a bit of upfront work but it’ll be well worth it in the long run.



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Let's Talk Clubhouse

marketing Jan 21, 2021

Okay. It's here. Let's talk about it. 

Clubhouse is the hottest new social media trend. It's created serious FOMO by its invitation only admission practices, and agents everywhere are clamoring for an invitation to get a seat at the table. 

But what is it? And should you be on it?

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a new social media app that is currently only available on Apple products. It's an audio only platform that allows you to Host rooms on various topics and invite people up on the stage to speak. When you enter the room as a listener, you enter in "listen only" mode, and can only speak if you raise your hand and are invited up by one of the moderators. 

Topics range from online business tips to movie reviews to lifestyle topics. 

I like to equate it to a two way podcast. You can listen and learn a variety of topics from a variety of people. Some rooms are good. Some are bad. But unlike a podcast, the information isn't saved anywhere. And you have the...

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Know Your Why: Know the Strategy

marketing Jan 15, 2021

Oftentimes as entrepreneurs we are told all of the things we *should* be doing. 

You *should* be posting on social media (daily, on all platforms, don't forget stories!)

You *should* be emailing your audience weekly.

You *should* be blogging/vlogging/running FB lives.

You *should* be running Facebook Ads. Facebook ads are the future.

You *should* etc, etc, etc. 

But we don't really ever talk about why we *should* do those things. Nor do we talk about how they all work together. Or how we can streamline things to build upon them strategically. 

I always ask KTA members to think about this question: "What is the strategy here?"

In KTA this month we are focusing on strategy. Whether it's finishing up your Annual Strategic Planning for your business, or creating your Marketing Strategy, you have to know what your left and right limits are, what the plan is, so that you can make the most of your time and money. 

Yet, I see so many...

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What Travel Advisors Can Learn From Mr. Rogers.

You remember Fred Rogers, right? 

You know - of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. Red Sweater. Soft Voice. PBS legend. 

Yep. That's the guy I'm talking about

And all of these years later still teaching us a thing or two. 

This week I've finally been listening to the podcast Finding Fred. It's insightful, nostalgic, and incredibly captivating. And I keep coming back to the travel industry every time I listen. Because all of these years later I'm still learning a thing or two about life from Mr. Rogers and I'm excited to be able to share them with you:

He knew his audience

Fred Rogers knew his audience - inside and out. His audience - his ideal client - was children. Young children. And he spoke directly to them. Not to their parents. Not about them or over them. He spoke to them. 

Who do you speak to? When you write emails and newsletters, do you speak to a large audience? Do you speak to the masses and just hope someone is listening? Can you picture...

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Blogging Strategies for Travel Advisors


There are so many great reason's to blog as an entrepreneur: it helps with SEO which helps drive traffic to your website, it helps you to list build, it helps to establish yourself as an expert, and it helps to build Know, Like and Trust. But, where do you begin? In our last Virtual Travel Career Summit, Mackenzie Jervis mapped out a great argument for why you should blog, as well as gave us some great blogging strategies for travel advisors to help get you started.

Now is the best time to set up your blogging strategy to finish the end of 2020 strong. Check out her video to learn more.



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