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Style of Travel vs Traveler: The Ultimate Niching Showdown

marketing strategy Nov 12, 2020

We hear it all of the time - I'm a luxury travel specialist! I'm a cruise specialist! I'm a group travel specialist!

Well what in the hell does that even mean?

At KTA one of the main tenets that we teach is that you should focus on the traveler, not the style of travel. It's the foundation of an effective marketing strategy. 

The industry is finally getting on board with the idea of niching and letting go of the "generalist" travel advisor. "Generalist" are better left in the days gone by era along with travel booking agents. The idea is obsolete, and in the end leads to a really ineffective business model. It's unsustainable. 

But how does an advisor go about narrowing down on their ideal client? Where do they start?

It first starts with themselves. 

At KTA we call this process Claim Your Fame. We walk members through a course that helps them map out their strengths and identify their secret sauce. The next step is to bring their special sauce into alignment with...

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How Niching Can Save Your Sanity

marketing strategy Nov 05, 2020

You’ve probably heard a million times that the “riches are in the niches”. It's true! You usually hear about this from a marketing strategy standpoint rather than a business operational standpoint. I want to make the argument that niching is crucially important for your business operations and therefore, your sanity as well. Stay with me…


Just as it is in marketing, niching allows you to be ultra-clear in your messaging via social media, your website, and all other communication opportunities with leads and clients. By niching you can deliberately communicate to (and only to) your ideal clients. Rather than trying to address the pain points of every Tom, Dick, or Sally in the world, you are addressing the pain points of Sally, and only Sally. Doesn’t that make your life easier? You can spend all your time getting to know Sally and what makes her tick, so that everytime you blog, post on social media, create a lead magnet, etc. you are talking...

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Blogging Strategies for Travel Advisors


There are so many great reason's to blog as an entrepreneur: it helps with SEO which helps drive traffic to your website, it helps you to list build, it helps to establish yourself as an expert, and it helps to build Know, Like and Trust. But, where do you begin? In our last Virtual Travel Career Summit, Mackenzie Jervis mapped out a great argument for why you should blog, as well as gave us some great blogging strategies for travel advisors to help get you started.

Now is the best time to set up your blogging strategy to finish the end of 2020 strong. Check out her video to learn more.



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