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New Year's Resolutions - My Word and Motivation for 2021

mindset Jan 28, 2021

Did you set a New Year’s Resolution?  Pick a word of the year?  Set intentions?  Maybe create mantras? 

For your personal life?  Professional? Or both?

How’s it going for you so far in 2021?

Statistics show that by the end of January, for the majority of people, resolutions, words, mantras, and intentions are already forgotten.  Why? Because these are tools that when used together, and with intention, can help you create your vision and your purpose.   But not necessarily your mission – the steps you need to take to accomplish your goals.   

WHAT = Values + Strengths
WHY = Purpose

HOW = Mission + Goals

Let me share with you how I am beating the statistics.

I selected a word – BELONGING – that will remain my word until it serves me to change it.  I selected it after careful reflection of my values and strengths (my WHAT) and revising my purpose (my WHY) which combines personal and professional for...

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Do Nothing vs Do Something

mindset Dec 17, 2020

As an entrepreneur we always feel the pull to do something. It's a nagging feeling often leftover from our days as an employee. 

The problem is that when we end up feeling like we are not doing enough, we end up self-depreciating, feeling like we let ourselves down, or let other people down. 

There is nothing like a year where we don't turn a profit to make us feel like we are not doing enough. 

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how it's human nature to in our moments of anxiety add chaos to chaos. If we would just add more people to our list, or if we could just post on social media more, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. 

By nature, 2020 has been full of uncertainty which has been anxiety inducing. In anxiety, I'm the Queen of Over-functioning. I went all in on creating KTA with Ashley and Wendy. I went all in for my clients hunting down refunds. I went all in on marketing consulting on the side. 

I was also home schooling, parenting a...

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Are we judged by the company we keep?

mindset Dec 10, 2020

Growing up, I remember my mom telling me to pick my friends wisely because I would be judged based on who they were perceived to be.  “Good” kids versus troublemakers. Jocks versus stoners. Smart kids versus slackers.  We were lumped together as a group with our friends.


I have to admit not giving much thought to whether I was judged based on who I associated with outside of high school.  As I went to college and then onto a career in meetings and events, I gravitated to people who matched my values and interests. 


Now I am an entrepreneur in the online space.  My universe has far expanded beyond my gravitational point. 


I was recently faced with an uncomfortable situation.  It was brought to my attention that someone I had interviewed as part of “Because I Can”, my speaker series of (and for) powerful women, didn’t share my values.  What does one do in this situation?


I was able to...

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Burnout - are you feeling it?

mindset Oct 29, 2020

Earlier this week I posed the question in our Travel Agent Training and Mentorship Facebook group: Are you feeling burnout?

The responses were overwhelmingly: YES. 

I loved the responses to come out of that post. The fact of the matter is that a lot of people are feeling burnout. Earlier this summer I wrote about how 2020 is the epitome of uncertainty for all of us, but by now we are starting to feel the fatigue from that with no clear end in site. 

Drs. Emily and Amelia Nagoski are twin sisters, researchers and the authors of Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress CycleIn that book they discuss the 3 major causes of burnout:

  1. Emotional Exhaustion - this is true for women especially. They use Fredinburger's definition for emotional exhaustion as the fatigue that comes from carrying too much for too long. 
  2. Decreased sense of accomplishment: the unconquerable sense of futility and feeling that nothing you do makes any difference
  3. Depersonalization:...
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How to Navigate Uncertainty in Your Travel Business

mindset Jul 27, 2020

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never navigated a business through a pandemic before. It’s completely new to me. And doing new things is the epitome of uncertainty, vulnerability, and discomfort. 

Brene Brown says that the only way to get to the other side of the discomfort of being new is to push right through the middle. Experience teaches us that as much as we want to fast forward through the hard rocky parts of doing something that we’ve never done before, we just can’t.

And this pandemic is pushing us through tough, new things more than usual. 

One of the biggest things I hear from travel entrepreneurs when they talk about struggles in their business during normal times is that they put off doing things that they know that they should do, because they are uncertain, uncomfortable, or scared to try. 

What I also know is when Travel Advisors give up trying new things, when they give up on learning something new because they...

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