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Are You a Travel Influencer?

podcast Mar 04, 2021


Are you a travel influencer?

When you hear the word “influencer” what is your immediate reaction?

Over the years it’s gotten a bad reputation. Our take? Let go of the negative connotations and imagery that comes with “influencer” and embrace the model of the influencer in their marketing strategy.  

An influencer is someone who influences others and that can be done in a lot of different ways with travel. It’s more than a title (in fact, please don’t change your title to Travel Influencer). It’s a mindset shift we encourage you to embrace. 

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Meet your podcast hosts:

Ashley, Krystal, and Wendy are the founders of Kinship Travel Academy and hosts of Travel Biz CEO. What started as a little bit of fun to help educate fellow colleagues in the travel industry, quickly morphed into a passion. Through their educaiton community of Kinship Travel Academy, Ashley, Krystal, and Wendy encourage...

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Meet the Hosts and Founders of KTA

podcast Feb 26, 2021

Today we are taking you behind the scenes to get to know Ashley, Wendy and Krystal - your hosts of the Travel Biz CEO Podcast. 

Ashley, Wendy and Krystal came together after hosting Virtual Travel Career Summit’s - online education events for travel entrepreneurs and those looking to enter the industry. Their common background as military spouses brought them together. Their desire to create better education opportunities in the travel industry is what helped them make the leap into a partnership to found Kinship Travel Academy. 

In this episode we learn how Ashley got her start in the travel industry when she decided to enter entrepreneurship after working for Carnival Corporation. Seeing that there was more long term potential as a military spouse with a more portable career, she decided to launch Kinship Travel Academy. 

After being stationed in Guantanamo Bay (Yep - that Gitmo!) Wendy knew that she really needed to lean into learning digital marketing to...

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Travel Biz CEO Podcast: Trailer

podcast Feb 19, 2021



Hey there Travel Advisors! 

Welcome to the brand new Travel Biz CEO Podcast!


Look we get it, because we are travel advisors too! It’s hard to try to navigate all the things you have to do when you are an entrepreneur. 


This is a show about juggling all those things, but with a slight twist: It’s about leveraging marketing, business systems, and mindset to build a business that is high in PROFIT, low in STRESS, and one that gives you the ability to have the greatest IMPACT in the world. It is about finding the balance in your business so you are running your business and not letting your business run you. 


To be successful it’s not enough to just love travel. You need to be the CEO of your business and have a handle on your marketing, business operations, and cultivate a healthy mindset all at once. That’s where we come in. 


We are three travel advisors that saw a glaring need in the travel...

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