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Do You Have a Community To Fall Back On?

travel professional Feb 11, 2021

Last week I was struggling to service a booking. It was for a couple heading to the Dominican Republic for an all-inclusive vacation. Traditionally I work in the European space, so AI’s in the DR are totally out of my comfort zone. Couple that with the paralyzing fear I have lately surrounding booking travel in general, I felt my procrastination defenses settling in quickly. 


Then I remembered - I have people. 


Over a zoom call with Ashley Morris of Alpaca Your Bags, I brought up my new booking predicament.  We met during a FAM opportunity to Belize a few years ago, and that’s that. She’s stuck with me. She also happens to be an all-inclusive whiz. I just had no idea where to send people, having only been to the Dominican Republic once. Immediately she rattled off suggestions to quote the client. Boom. Saved.


Then I thought of all the things that I would normally do for an FIT itinerary to Europe. Again, that feeling of dread -...

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It’s Never a Good Time to “Keep Your Mouth Shut”: What We Can Learn from a Business on its Literal Soapbox

travel professional Nov 19, 2020


Have you seen or used this soap? Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap is now widely available and increasingly popular. I first found out about it when I realized my daughters and I all have very sensitive skin. After some internet searching, I found many people recommended castile soap for sensitive skin - the most notable being, Dr. Bronner’s. I bought my first bottle at Whole Foods and the whole family has been using it ever since. 


Within the first few times of lathering up in the shower, I noticed there was a whole lot going on on the label. After closer inspection, I started to notice what appeared to be the ramblings of a mad person and asked myself, “What the hell did I buy?!” (Not to mention how the design of the label goes against everything designers/ marketers advise - to keep it simple and not provide too much text.) 


I finally decided to research who this Dr. Emmanuel Bronner actually was. Here are some interesting...

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What Travel Advisors Can Learn From Physarum Slime Mold

travel professional Oct 22, 2020

Last week I watched a National Geographic Documentary on Physarum Slime Mold. 

(Yes. Even I have reached the point where I cannot binge watch another Grey's Anatomy episode. It was time to branch out.)

In the spirit of "there are lessons in everything," the entire show I really thought of how this applies to our industry and how it does in more than one way. 

And no - I'm not comparing the travel advisors I love to slime mold, but, truly, there are some good takeaways here. 

First, researchers that study physarum slime mold are wholly unapologetic about studying physarum. What's more they REALLY geek out on physarum. Their faces light up at the thought of talking about physarum slime mold. Physarum slime mold is their ideal client. And they have found the sweet spot between where their interests are and what their ideal client is. It's not enough to research just any slime mold. They find this particular slime mold interesting and exciting. 


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Do you feel balanced in your business?

travel professional Oct 15, 2020

Balance. Do you have it?

Without a doubt 2020 knocked travel advisors off balance unlike ever before. But the fact remains that most advisors before the pandemic didn't have balance in their business. 

What do I mean by that?

Often when I bring up the idea of "balance" people often think of busy mom's trying to "have it all" or yogis in a tree pose. And while it's not far off, today I'm talking about balance between the three main areas all entrepreneurs must balance: marketing, business, and mindset.  

Why those three?

A healthy balance of marketing, business, and mindset is what propels you forward on the path to success. It gives you clarity and confidence in your travel entrepreneur journey. 

Why marketing?

Because if you don't have a marketing system - a system in place that gives you a steady stream of clients - you don't have a business. You have a hobby that caters to family and friends. You don't need to be in this business long to agree that family and...

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Pivoting in Your Travel Business

travel professional Oct 01, 2020

Last week I watched a really interesting conversation between Richard D'Ambrosio and David Chait the founder of Travefy. It's part of Richard's new series “Real Talk” with his Travel Business Mastermind group. (PS: If you're not following him and watching that please do!) It's the first of his series and I think he's going to have a lot of really fascinating guests speaking on topics.  

I loved the conversation he had with David about how David recognized fairly early on in the life of Travefy that it was essential that he pivot the model of his business in order to be fully successful. It was a fascinating story and interesting business case.

However, I wanted to break it down a little bit more and make it applicable to travel advisors. What kind of lessons we can learn from that topic? I feel like there's four major lessons in ways that we can be more pivotable as travel advisors.

The first one is get to know your clients.

David found that there were...

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Before COVID, were you surviving or thriving as a Travel Advisor?

travel professional Sep 24, 2020

I'm not going to ask you how your business is doing now. If you are a member of the travel industry I can already guess. When I ask fellow colleagues, I get replies like "dumpster fire" and uncomfortable chuckles thrown back at me. 

And I get it. Me too. 

So what next?

I was watching a show the other day and the main protagonist said, "Living day to day is surviving with no regard to tomorrow." 

That really got me thinking. Before COVID were you thriving in your business, or were you just surviving?

By that I mean, did you just take whatever business came along?

Did you have a marketing strategy?

A list?

Did you know who you were marketing to?

Did you even like the trips you were planning anymore?

And (I mean let's just get right to it) were you making any money doing it?

For so many agents, they are just surviving. They are limping along day to day with whatever generic business comes along. They are stretched thin, have no scaleable plan, work with crappy...

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Time To Say, "Hello" To the Modern Travel Advisor

There has been a lot of talk recently regarding the changes that will be necessary in the travel industry, but frankly there hasn't been enough of it. 

Our friend, Richard D'ambrosio, business coach and content marketing consultant with his own firm, Travel Business Mastermind, recently wrote this article for Travel Research Online where he points out key areas that need to be addressed for Travel Advisors to survive this pandemic. 

At KTA our entire mission is built on this principal - that it's time for the next chapter of travel advisor. One that is digitally savvy, business savvy, and marketing savvy. Otherwise they won't survive. 

It will be awhile before traditional networking opportunities are opened back up, and it is our opinion that those opportunities will be forever changed. So let's talk more and add to the discussion, shall we?

These are no longer going to be a dime a dozen opportunity; suppliers and...
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