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What Travel Advisors Can Learn From Mr. Rogers.

You remember Fred Rogers, right? 

You know - of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. Red Sweater. Soft Voice. PBS legend. 

Yep. That's the guy I'm talking about

And all of these years later still teaching us a thing or two. 

This week I've finally been listening to the podcast Finding Fred. It's insightful, nostalgic, and incredibly captivating. And I keep coming back to the travel industry every time I listen. Because all of these years later I'm still learning a thing or two about life from Mr. Rogers and I'm excited to be able to share them with you:

He knew his audience

Fred Rogers knew his audience - inside and out. His audience - his ideal client - was children. Young children. And he spoke directly to them. Not to their parents. Not about them or over them. He spoke to them. 

Who do you speak to? When you write emails and newsletters, do you speak to a large audience? Do you speak to the masses and just hope someone is listening? Can you picture...

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