Are you ready to take your travel business to the next level?

KTA Membership doesn't just focus one one area of your travel business. We look to provide clarity and balance to your business. That's why we focus on the mind (marketing), body (business operations) and soul (mindset) of a travel advisor. 

KTA provides clarity and community for the modern travel advisor, by the modern travel advisor, to build thriving businesses so they can enjoy a life by design. 

Unlike other travel agent membership programs, KTA simplifies complex topics like Marketing and Business Operations and provides actionable solutions that travel agents can implement in their businesses immediately.

When you are a travel entrepreneur, it's so hard to know where you should focus first. 

It's so hard to be a solopreneur. There are so many pieces to juggle: marketing, business systems, all the spreadsheets, client care, and mindset. Where do you start? Which is most important? What about all the destination and supplier webinars out there? How do you make money in this business? What is the priority?

I'm ready to join a community that can help me navigate all these things!

Our holistic approach brings into alignment the Mind, Body, and Soul of a Travel Advisor. 

It's not enough to love travel - you need to have the appropriate marketing strategies, business systems and mindset tuneups and coaching to make it in this business. That's why we focus on all three.


Marketing Strategies for the modern advisor - focusing on ideal clients, selling through storytelling and mastering digital advertising. 



Business Systems that improve the functionality of your business and elevate the client care experience. Systemize to simplify. 



Mindset. Attitude. Your Heart. Your Brand. Whatever you want to call it, coaching and mentorship to push you where you need to be in your business so your heart can meet you where you are at. 

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Become a KTA Member today!

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How do I know if KTA membership is right for me?


You want to focus on the big picture

KTA prioritizes our own mental and physical health above all else. We give you the tools to work smarter not harder. KTA knows that this is hard sometimes and celebrates each other’s wins and supports each other through our struggles. Finally, KTA believes in a more holistic approach – every quarter we delve into the mind (marketing), body (business operations), and soul (mindset, attitude, heart) of your business.

You are looking for an Inclusive environment for all agents and all agency models

KTA enables an environment that allows you to do you. KTA values community and collaboration over competition – a rising tide lifts all boats.

You believe you are a part of something bigger

KTA practices business in an environmentally and socially responsible way by implementing strategic business practices that support those efforts as well. KTA has zero-tolerance for bigotry and discrimination, and is a big believer in Karma. We want to continue passing on the good vibes and put out good juju into the universe.

You are ready to help write the next chapter in the travel industry 

KTA believes everyone has something to contribute – we see your potential before you do and we are experts at helping you understand what you have to give. We believe we must invest in ourselves and our businesses to grow. KTA doesn’t accept “no” – we want to figure out how.

What are they saying about KTA?


"I'm blown away! You speak my language. The content presented wasn't new (so far), BUT they way you've presented it was, and there have been some wonderful takeaways and lightbulb moments. I now have to figure out if my niche is focused enough, really get focused on creating a blog, and using a list of keywords to better my SEO. Thank you!"

Michelle Tikkanen Liliedahl
Owner/Founder Distinctive Travel Designs

"You had me when you said you would teach me the how to, not just the theory

Lois Wallace
We Make Travel Easy

"I too aspire to have an active and engaged Facebook Group for Mothers and Daughters. Krystal's marketing on Facebook of Serendipitous Traveler had me sucked right in. Ashley was part of a BMTW panel in 2019 I believe. I remember thinking then how much I could learn from you. So I am excited to grow together!

Kelly White
Next Trip Travel


Become a KTA Member Today!

Become a KTA Member today for only $29.99.  

Yes! I want to become a KTA Member for $29.99/mo
Annual Membership Option ($299.99)